Encoding Low Quality Mp3s

These days sites like Myspace and similar are using low quality mp3 (that’s below 128kbps) for artists to preview their tracks. When you compress to these lower bitrates the chances are that you’ll end up getting weird artifacts in the file, you’ve probably all heard that ‘watery’ kind of texture in some of the files you’ve listened to.

Is there a Solution?
I did some research online and found a posting on the Cubase Forum that suggested filtering the track before compressing it might help – a low cut @ 60Hz and a high cut @ 12kHz being the suggested settings. The idea makes sense; less work for the mp3 compression algorhythm so i’ve decided to upload some comparitive audio files to see if you can tell the difference.. any comments much appreciated. I can definately hear a subtle reduction in the artifacts but is it REALLY worth the bother? Over to you.

128kbps Ballistica Edit
64kbps Ballistica Edit
64kbps Ballistica Edit with Low Cut @ 60Hz and High Cut @ 12kHz

Let me know what you think in the comments section