Kontakt 2 – The King of Samplers

I’ve used a lot of Samplers in my time but never have I come across a Sampler as powerful and creative as Native Instrument’s Kontakt 2. This mighty and complex beast enables you to break free from the constraints of Pitch and Time and bend and twist samples like no other can – all under midi control.

Over the next 2 weeks of the Pointblank Sound Design and Production Skills course we’ll be looking at Kontakt 2 in detail; the first week serving as an introduction to the sinister but powerful interface. We’ll be building Instruments, with the ability of creating up to 8 multiple loop points for each Zone. We’ll also be exploring the Granular power of Time Machines 1 and 2, the Tone Machine and ‘Recycle’ like Beat Machine. The following week we’ll be using Kontakt 2’s powerful Filters and Modulation Sources to create drum sounds from scratch and build unique Instruments for you to help define your sonic ‘signature’

More Information can be found at the Native Instruments website: