Kontakt 2.1.1’s New Performance View

So here’s something new that’s cool with, you can now edit the appearance of Kontakt 2’s Instruments in the Performance View. I’ve uploaded a simple example to demonstrate how it’s done here: DJL Arpeg Synth

Figure 1: Customised Performance View

Here’s how I did it:

  1. From the quickload menu, drop down and select your choice of synth sound (I chose Pulse Lead from the Synthesisers folder in the Kontakt 2 Library)
  2. Open up the Instrument with the Wrench Icon and click the Script button to open the grey Script Module.
  3. Drop down the Script preset Sequencing > Arpeggiator

  4. Click the Edit button in the Script Module to open up the code view
  5. Type make_perfview on a new line underneath the on init statement and click Apply
  6. Finally click on the Minimize / Maximize button to the left of the NI icon in the Kontakt header and you’ll get a minimized view with the parameters for the Arpeggiator visible and ready for editing.

I went a little bit further and customised the look of the Instrument with one of the preset ‘Skins’ If you want to do this just click on the Instrument Options button and look for the Skin Bitmap section. Click choose and navigate to the Kontakt2/presets/wallpaper folder where you’ll see a list of available .tga images. You could even customise these templates yourself if you have photoshop or another image editor that supports the .tga format.