Amen Break History Video

I posted this on my old blog but this is worth a re-print. It’s a video i found all about the Amen Break, that wicked energetic break you hear deconstructed and reconstructed on many Drum and Bass tunes.
It also talks about issues of copyright – including issues related to Sample CDs. Funnily enough I had an issue with a Sample CD – the X-Static Goldmine 2 CD set which I used for the ragga vox on the original Spend the Night. I thought i was clear to use any sound from those CDs in my productions but little did I realise that they themselves had sampled someone elses track – Pablo Gad’s ‘Hard Times’ I had no idea about copyright in those early days (93) and didnt bother reading the small print on the CD that said basically if you use the samples you take full responsibility for any consequences. So now Pablo Gad gets royalties for the track.. and rightly so as he wrote and performed those vocals.. bit unfair though that this Sample CD was for sale and I bought it… you live and learn…
Here’s a link to the video Amen Break History Video