SX4 soon come

So screenshots are now filtering through and giving away some of the new features we’ll be getting when SX4 or (Cubase 4 as it is now known) arrives. The channel strip above looks a lot more serious than the existing one with glimpses of possible new routing options (fingers crossed) There’s also a bunch of fresh new Instruments with a proper ‘Logic’ flavour to them – looking good but how do they sound? Time will tell.

Above you’ll see three of the new Instruments – say hello to ‘Spector’, ‘Prologue’ and ‘Mystic’ and it’s very hard to tell from such small screengrabs exactly what they’ll be offering in the way of sound generation.

So here’s some facts so far:

  • SX4 will be called “Cubase 4”
  • The main interface and project view doesnt seem to be much different
  • New VSTi’s are included – maybe a new LM drum machine?
  • A new Media Bay has been created that appears to be an advanced sample/media (disk) browser with tagging capabilites.
  • SoundFrame Browser, which seems to be a central browser for (VSTi) patches.
  • Control Room and advanced routing.

This is make or break for me with regards to Cubase – if they get it right i’m sticking with it, if not i’m moving on to Logic.

Big thanks to Danny Mac for the heads-up.

Some images were grabbed from here