Latest Cubase Info

So more information is gradually coming through, here’s some new details from Computer Music:

  • Cubase is going back to being named just that – no more SX but we’re up to version 4 now. A cut down version will be called Cubase Studio 4
  • It comes 4 new instruments [Prologue is an Analog Synth / Spector a spectrum filter synth / Mystic a Phsical Modelling Synth / HALion One is a cut down version of the sampler and will apparently sound like Yamaha’s Motif]
  • 33 new VST 3 (note the 3 – a rewrite of the engine has obviously occurred – wonder what the new benefits of that will be) effects including Studio EQ, Vintage Compressor, ModMachine (seems to be semi-modular), AmpSimulator, new multi-band compressor and a guitar tuner)
  • There is a redesigned and configurable channel strip and track inspector along with new mixer functions
  • There are tools to aid workflow, one of which ‘SoundFrame’ looks similar to the software part of NI’s Kore enabling you to organise, preview and retreive patches from both software and hardware and also recall track presets.
  • A Key element of SoundFrame is MediaBay a new browser and media file management system
  • A new Instrument Track class will speed up handling of VST instruments and combine MIDI and plugin automation within the same track (great news!)
  • Control room (taken from Neundo 3)
  • Enhanced score and notation
  • Both versions will be released some time in October at £630 for Cubase 4 and £280 for Cubase Studio 4. Upgrades for existing users will be available for a price.