Round 4

Those programmers at Native Instruments don’t sleep do they? Whilst they beaver away at getting Universal Binary versions of the existing Instruments sorted for Intel Mac peeps they’ve been sneakily updating some of the product line for Kontakt 4. There is already some information on the NI site (thanks to Chris for the headsup btw – i was caught off guard on this one) and it’s looking like Battery 3, FM8 and Absynth 4 are the latest updates to some favourites but what’s that new Massive thing all about?? Sounding like the Electro House producer’s dream machine it sounds like it’s very much a ‘now’ synth but what happens when the styles shift? Can this Massive synth adapt to more conventional use? Here’s some screenshots from the NI site as a taster:

Fig 1. Massive

Fig 2. Absynth 4

Fig 3. FM8

Fig 4. Battery 3

I’m definately feeling the new Battery 3 – looks like it has timestretch in there which is good news and has a bit of a more grown up look to it. FM8 and Absynth 4 look like Reaktor 5 Ensembles to me at the moment but no doubt they sound amazing. To find out more go to