DJ Technics Gabryelle – fancy doing your own version?

Now this is an interesting one. Today one of my students, Marco, came up to me and said ‘you know that remix you did of Gabryelle? – I’ve got the strings on a refill – wanna hear?’

So he loads up 2 Rex files from the refill, one into the first DR:Rex player and another into the next. Takes the tempo up to about 126, pushes play on the transport and lo and behold it’s the strings – all of them from the DJ Technics track. These strings are EXACTLY the same, same notes, same playing, absolutely without a doubt the very same strings used on the record. Now this means that the producer of that track used them so does that mean that he owns the rights to the riff? Seems doubtful given these samples are for the licensee’s use and to do whatever they want with them. The refill is called ‘STRINGS’ and can be bought from propellerheads direct

So anyway, it got me thinking. The hook of the DJ technics track is these strings so what’s to stop anyone else making their own tune from them using the same refill the producer did? And where does that leave Defected who own the rights to the track? If someone were to release their own house tune with those strings it seems they would be perfectly entitled to?? I’m curious as to what the legal situation of this would be.

For reference here’s a link to where you can purchase and download the original track (it was a huge club hit) and also the Spiritual South remix I did with Mark: