Essentials #1 – Microtonic

‘Back in the day’ I remember getting my hands on a real TR808 and TR909 drum machine in one of the studios I worked in. These were capable of monstrously large but clear kick drums, snares and toms and were behind the beats of countless famous tunes from Hip Hop to house and beyond. Today’s computer based studio needs something with the raw guts and power of those classics and Microtonic is the solution.

Created by the talented programmer who designed and built the Malstrom Synth in Reason this is an ‘Analog’ Style drum machine with a character all of its own. It makes its sounds from two Oscillators – one Synth and one Noise, combined together with a host of sound shaping tools such as Pitch and Volume Envelopes. This beast makes kick drums like no other and is highly recommended for electronic music across the styles. I have used it on almost every production over the last 2 years and couldn’t live without it! It sounds so unique.

You can download it now to try it out and if you like it purchase a license for a ridiculously low price. For more information go to