Essentials #2 – UAD Card

This PCI/PCIe card slots inside you Mac or PC and is a DSP for doing all the things that stress your computer out when making music – thats Reverb, decent EQ and authentic emulations of vintage Compressors such as the legendary LA2, Fairchild and 1176. Once installed you access its plugins from within Cubase/Logic/Ableton/Sonar etc as normal but all the calculations necessary to create the sound are done on the card itself, leaving your computer free to deal with everything else it needs to deal with.

I’ve used this beauty on almost every one of my productions in the last 4 years, including the Spiritual South classics ‘Green Gold’ and ‘Jazz Rooms’ and recent hit ‘Ballistica’ for that vintage vibe. Have to say though that the UAD is currently under threat from the new Focusrite Liquid Mix, a Firewire based desktop solution. I’ll be checking this out soon and will let y’all know about my experience with it.

For more information about UAD: