Mbox 2 Mini Announced

For those of us who are non Protools and get given Protools projects for remixing it can be a bit of a nightmare. Getting the things converted over is often costly and can be time consuming before you’ve even started doing the job. Up until now it has been possible to get a low cost Protools solution without all the TDM stuff with either the Mbox 1/2 or the M-Powered version if you have an M-Audio Audio Interface. Now I don’t have an M-Audio Interface (I use Focusrite Saffire thankyou very much) and the cost of the Mbox has always seemed a little bit too much considering i’m only really interested in it as a glorified dongle so my options have been restricted until now. Digidesign have now announced the Mbox 2 Mini – a compact little interface that comes with Protools LE – good enough to use for converting Projects over and getting a bit more experienced on Protools itself. Just the other week I was in Sandy Rivera’s studio which is Protools based and had to learn a fair amount whilst there in order to get going.. I might have a think about getting hold of one of these to help now.