Where did that week go?

I took a week off from teaching because I had to use up the remaining leave days I had before Christmas. Now I was kind of expecting it to be a reasonably quiet time when i would be able to put plenty of love into this blog but in reality it turned out to be one of my busiest weeks. I’ve been roadtesting the Focusrite Liquid Mix in projects all week but still don’t feel able to comment 100% with the definitive verdict other than at the moment I think it sounds FANTASTIC. My one gripe at the moment is that the hardware limits you to a buffer size of 1024 – small when your projects are as large as mine . . maybe time to get a new computer! I’ve been freezing tracks left, right and center to compensate and my HD is complaining. I will definately put up a detailed review when the time is right but I can let you know it’s worked wonders on the tracks i’ve put through it. Now what I really need right now is for someone to create a hardware unit that slows down time but allows me to work at normal speed, a real time real world timestretch device.. that would be very handy indeed!