Cubase 5 – officially announced at NAMM

So the rumours were true but have Steinberg and Yamaha done enough? The new additions look well suited to beatmakers and are interesting for sure:

Groove Agent One

At last a drum sampling option out of the box for Cubase. This plugin slices and maps loops onto the pads and allows you to get programming at speed.

Beat Designer

Now this one apparently allows you to regroove and ‘mashup’ existing loops. Not sure exactly what the score is here and let’s hope it’s not just a gimmicky toy.

Vari Audio

This looks like Melodyne inside Cubase although it’s not an official product from Celemony – merely Steinberg’s attempt at doing the same thing – monophonically. Looks like DNA won’t be challenged here but nevertheless it would be a welcome addition for producers working with vocals. Of course, think beyond the vocals and this could well be an incredibly creative addition in Cubase for any audio work.

Pitch Correct

Whereas the previous feature was Melodyne-esque, this one is more Auto-tune and uses Yamaha technology to correct Vocal Pitch on the fly.

REVerence Reverb

So a rival to Logic’s Space Designer at last? Cubase’s reverbs have been in the dark ages for ages and here’s hoping this convolution based reverb delivers the goods.

Enhanced Automation

Ripped from Nuendo this looks interesting – a new way to work with Automation. Cubase has been hard work sometimes when dealing with complex Automation so this could well be a godsend.

That’s the main features that i’m interested in – there’s plenty more and no doubt some will turn out to be invaluable. Is it a Logic killer? Hard to say at the moment but look out for some personal evaluations in the future when I get hold of it.