Am I suffering from Sequencer Schizophrenia?

Feels like it sometimes. It actually feels like my brain is about to explode into four distinctly different chunks. It wouldn’t be pretty; the Ableton chunk, the Cubase chunk, the Logic chunk and the Reason chunk.. all wobbling on the floor like discarded jelly, flung from a toddler’s high chair on the kitchen lino.

Where did it start? I think it started somewhere around the keyboard shortcut area. I know these sequencers have vastly different features but why can’t there be more consistency? I mean, Cubase and Reason are like cousins when it comes to locators and transport.. they are like peas in a pod, peaches and herb, hall and oates, benny and bjorn, C3PO and R2D2, ya get me? Actually C3PO and R2D2 didn’t always get along but it’s plain obvious there was something there, a raw, robot love that kept them together.. and it’s like that with Cubase and Reason.. Rewire them together and sometimes they’ll be at it like rabbits, whilst others Cubase can’t get it up or Reason is washing it’s hair/time of the month/shopping..

Automation, now that’s another story. For me, A makes sense.. push A and you see some automation.. and you can edit it. A works, A is simple, plain, matter of fact and spot on. Logic’s A keyboard shortcut personifies perfection. So where’s the equivalent in Reason? Cubase? Ableton.. damn.. why is there no A?

Zooming in and out? Man, H and G on Cubase, Ctrl + Arrow Keys on Logic, Numpad +/- on Reason.. this is silly.. is it any wonder i’m going mad? If i was a girl maybe it would be fine, but i’m a man and we’re not known for our multi-tasking abilities.

So the solution? Stick to one platform? I wish.. at the moment i’m having to rotate all of them due to the educational side of my work. Still, it keeps me on my toes and does have its benefits.. i just wonder when the Jelly is gonna hit the floor!