New Liquid Mix Emulations

I’m pleased to hear that there are some new Liquid Mix emulations available to download. Here’s the info from Focusrite:

‘The 15 compression emulations are based on two compressors. The API 2500 Stereo Compressor (serial number 001475), provides feed-back or feed-forward options and variations on ‘knee’ and ‘thrust’. The Millenia STT-1 (serial number 0-166), provides the sound of variable input stages, with valve or solid-state compression circuits. Finally, the EQ emulations are based on the original Mk1 Chandler Limited Edition EMI/Abbey Road Passive TG Channel. This uses the same circuit as the Abbey Road mastering console, providing the the signature Beatles sound.’

Sounds good.. i’ve downloaded them and will try them out when I get some time (which is not at the moment!) Grab them here –