Christmas 2009

On the eve of Christmas day it’s time for a reflective look at the past year. I’d like to wish you all a fantastic time and all the best for the next decade.

After filming in excess of 500 tutorial videos and creating approx 100 bespoke Ableton and Logic project examples, 2009 has without a doubt been the year of the online school. It’s been great to have worked with so many enthusiastic and talented online students this year and the results are fantastic; check the tunes created on the various courses here – So what’s in store for the college in 2010? my lips are sealed for now but it’s shaping up to be even bigger with an incredible roster of up and coming courses featuring guest pro-producers.

On a personal, professional musical tip I have created a polar shift with the two main production names I use on releases. Enzyme Black is now the name used for the more leftfield or ‘eclectic’ tracks with ‘Oh My Daze’ ( embodying this new flavour. Big thanks for DJs for the support in this change – particularly 1Xtra’s Benji B and Solar’s Kev Beadle. Danny J Lewis is for the straight up deep/soulful stuff – much as the name was in the mid 90s (

Predictions for 2010? Well, if any of you have seen my video about melodyne DNA ( you’ll have seen that it’s capable in some cases of allowing you to make extract the MIDI notes of classic tunes. The signs are there that this year may well be the year of the cover version or ‘re-rub’ (incidentally this is wicked – – the original was such a huge tune for me back in the day) Now i’m not suggesting that the Soul Purpose tune was made in this way but I reckon there will be plenty to come that are. Is this good for the industry? It’s hardly encouraging people to be original but then again if the dancefloor is feeling it does it matter? Something to ponder and decide upon for yourselves. An interesting new development is Henrik Schwarz’s new Max for Live patch – Some of you will have seen Kontakt’s Constrain to Scale script that does similar but Henrik’s patch is taking it to the next level. So 2010 looks to be the year that technology allows the musically challenged to be ‘musical’ and i look forward to the new styles (please people try and bring something new to the table this year!) that might well emerge.

Danny (Enzyme Black)