Mixing in Ableton

Am I alone or does anyone else struggle with this?  I mean, I’ve got a lot of love for Ableton, it’s the platform behind my recent Enzyme Black releases and the forthcoming Afro Art Records EP.  After several attempts at using it for mixing though I can’t help but feel I am ‘blind’ to what is happening, compared to when I work on a Logic mix session.

I’ve never been one for the bouncing out of composed tracks as audio – i’ve usually been too power crazed; requiring access to every single parameter should I feel the need to make any changes.  But recently, the final mixdown for the EP ‘Earth Needs Some Bass (original mix) was eluding me; each attempt proving a failure due to the sonic complexity of the elements I chose to use.  So I thought i’d give it a go in trusty old Logic and what do you know, things are sounding great.  I’m going to ponder on the psychology of this and my initial thoughts are that it’s the cluttered interface of Ableton on my Macbook Pro – it simply doesn’t feel like a comfortable place to mix whereas Logic feels like a luxury desk in comparison.  If any of you have experience of both platforms i’m keen to hear what you think…