As it APPens

So I got an ipod touch and found myself app digging in itunes (yeh crate digging is rather last decade) I even downloaded some of them (doodlejump is the nuts!) but noticed an alarming regularity for ‘updates’ (which look rather like bug fixes to me). I checked the comments pages to get the lowdown and it actually appears that the app buying public are used to this.

For example, a game will come out with a couple of levels and customers buy it for the premise of new ones in the near future. Is this a future model for music distribution? You put out one mix of a vocal tune and wait for the feedback from the customers; ‘yeh nice but I would have liked a dub’ so you then strip out the vox and bounce down the dub, stick it up and the customers are happy. Maybe a single price that entitles the punter at the other end to receive all future mixes for free? Itunes could automatically let them know that a new mix is available for them to download. What do you think?