A Puzzle Solved

So I’ve been preparing the new track for release and something was puzzling me.. a dip in energy at a specific point.  If you’ve got a compressor on the master (like I have) something that is excessively loud will cause the compressor to over react and energy may well dip overall.  I went through the usual suspects; Bass (it wasn’t that), Kick Drum (it wasn’t that) and then randomly I checked out one of the vocals and there it was – a ton of sub in the recording!  Just goes to show how you need to watch out and not get lazy (like I did)

Low Cut on the Vocal

You can hear the dodgy version on soundcloud for a little while – post here – Danny J Lewis ‘Red Light’ (96kbps Public Edit)

Learn how to mix properly here – http://www.pointblankonline.net/mixing-dance-music.php