The Game Changes Tomorrow?

So tomorrow is the big day.   Apple are launching a brand new product for ‘creatives’ rumoured to be the islate/itable/ipad; a 10 inch iphone app cabable (and hopefully a whole lot more) computer that is set to revolutionise music making and possibly many other areas of our lives.  Rumours are there that Apple has secured deals with magazine and book publishers to distribute their works through itunes on a platform that’s going to look far sexier than those drab e-readers you see in your local waterstones.

So what does it mean for us music makers? Those of us who used to use hardware mixers have missed being able to move multiple faders at once; to ‘feel’ a mix as it is laid down.  You’ve seen the Lemur right? well all of that will be capable and if the rumours of velocity sensitivity are correct we are quite possibly going to be looking at a music makers utopia.  Straight up versions of logic and ableton just won’t cut it though.. here’s to new versions that integrate all of the gesture based commands we’ve grown to know and love – pinching, rotating, swiping.. all have a place in the virtual studio.  And let’s not get started on the Live performance/DJ side.. you can be rest assured that the possibilities will be endless.

To catch up with it all as it happens check here –  Now all i need is an appointment with my bank manager!