The name of the game

With the proliferation of new music producers and the ease of releasing music these days comes a new problem that before now hasn’t surfaced as regularly.  The mechanism for release used to involve several parties; writer, producer, artist, manager, a&r, label manager, distribution company, publisher etc and at each stage the opportunity for someone to question something that in my mind is almost as important as the actual music itself.  So what am I harking on about? I’m talking names; producer names, track names etc..

The naming of the artist/producer used to be vetted at multiple levels because of the structure of the industry and if a name sounded silly it would be replaced by something more palatable.  Likewise with the titles of tracks; someone with a good standard of english and a fertile imagination for word play would provide a helping hand when necessary.

If anyone can make a track now and anyone can set up a label, the mechanism of lingual quality control is removed.  In many cases we could be talking about a single person being label and artist/producer – if you’re lucky it could be two people – is it any wonder then that some artist/producer/track-names are as weak as they are?  Call me a snob but I wish people would put as much thought into this aspect as they did the production.. music is already becoming a diluted artform.. do we really need it to be thinned out any further?

I’d like to see people thinking beyond just the track to a bigger picture.  Where are you going with the music?  What kind of a message are you trying to put across (if any) Maybe today’s audiences don’t care?  Music used to be a whole lot more than just the tunes – the packaging helped of course and now we live in this ‘packaging free’ world of music maybe the very thing i’m discussing in this post is a symptom of this??