Behind the scenes – Oh My Daze

Funnily enough this track came about due to a personal Logic backlash.  I’d just finished developing the Deep and Soulful House course in Logic and pretty much given away all of my production secrets in the content.  I needed to do something that was far away from the methodology I’d exposed as possible.  I’d learnt a fair amount about Ableton from developing the Minimal Course and had identified some tools that could bring a new dimension to the way that I composed.  I worked in an almost opposite way to usual, recycling old breaks and re-arranging them using the audio warping instead of programming all elements from scratch.  I even used some old sampled chords, reversed to at least put my own spin on them.  I got on the mic and rambled random stuff for a little while on top of the beats – oh my daze just stuck.  Have a look at some of the key elements that went into the construction of the track in this video….