X-Factor 2010 using Autotune on auditions

Last night i caught the first episode of the X-Factor 2010 auditions and was pretty damn shocked to hear autotune being used on several occasions for the auditions.  ITV/Syco is earning a fortune from advertising on this show so it’s pretty disgusting that this is going on.

Basically they think their audiences are stupid – it’s obvious from the show last night.  The crazy thing is that the instances where it was used actually made the performances WORSE than they would have been..

Listen to this video from 43 to 46 seconds:

You can hear autotune has been set incorrectly and is trying to change the pitch to new incorrect notes very quickly.  The ‘warbling’ is NOT a characteristic of the girl’s voice in my opinion – it’s autotune struggling.

Another example was the couple G&S.  In this case, the guy didn’t have it running but the girl did.  Listen closely and you’ll hear the recognisable artifacts at 31 seconds

Autotune is setup better here but it is still obvious – sounding like the ‘T-Pain’ vibe used on many current tracks.  The sinister scenario on this video is that it is being used to fake her being a better singer than him and hence bring a bit of fake ‘drama’ into the show when she is asked to sing on her own.

Another example was the girl singing ‘Mercy’ and why it was used here I have no idea – it served no purpose whatsoever – 2mins 32 in..

Autotune was even trying to repitch her spoken word!  This situation is out of order and i’d suggest as many people as possible write and complain.  They are making a mockery of everything, not only the music industry but also the public.  Has everyone really got so stupid that they’ll accept this as entertainment?

For more information on Autotune take a look here – http://www.antarestech.com/products/auto-tune-evo.shtml