A glimpse of the plugin future?

So the cat’s out of the bag – ipad 2 is out there and under scrutiny.  Sure it looks lovely and all that (of course I want one) but I feel something more significant is at hand.  With the announcement of Garageband for ipad we are possibly looking at the seeds of a revolution….

A new way for developers to sell their audio plugins?

We all know audio plugins are cracked left right and center but we also know that iOS ‘in-app’ purchasing works.  With Garageband being the metaphorical ‘toes in the water’ surely we’ll see Logic and possibly others following?  An app store within Logic/Cubase/Ableton etc that offers browsing/purchasing and automatic update of new plugins would surely be a safe way for developers to claw back the money they must be losing.  ‘People who bought this plugin also bought this one’ and ‘as used by this name producer’ could be used as additional selling tools within the app/plugin browser.

Low cost plugins that sell more

Instead of charging hundreds of pounds for plugins that will be cracked, a more sensible and affordable pricing scheme could be created.  A price point of about £20 per plugin could be about right – the sheer number of extra sales would justify this.  The existing model is outdated – it’s clear to see that considering the abundance of people using cracks.

Let’s make this happen – if the £20 price point is wrong let’s have a discussion.  Spread the word people – it’s time to think forward and bring more creativity to the hands of those that deserve it whilst rewarding the innovators who create the tools.