Ashley Beedle Livestream Masterclass next week

Ashley Beedle is a bit of a legend.  He is of course a gentleman of distinction amongst the UK’s Dance Music fraternity, known for many quality releases and DJ sets but not only that, he has honestly been a big influence to me musically over the years.  Crucially it was his early work as part of Xpress 2 – a ballsier, british take on DJ Pierre’s “Wild Pitch” sound that caught my attention.  As a dedicated clubber the debut track “Muzik Xpress” and follow up “London Express” were essential peaktime mayhem.  I’ll never forget reading in DJ mag about their trip to New York to the Sound Factory where Junior Vasquez was dropping two copies of London Express and extending that “Raise Your Hands” air raid siren breakdown section.. madness!  I would have loved to have witnessed that.  In these days of Ableton and Traktor such manipulations are easy but in those days it was all done on turntables conventionally.

He’s done loads of great work since of course so i’m very pleased to be hosting a Livestream Masterclass with him at Point Blank Music College in Hoxton, London next wednesday at 1pm.  You can find out more about the event on the facebook page here – and view the previous Livestream sessions here –