Logic 10 – from the Mac App Store?

How many of you have seen the recent video highlighting the brand new Final Cut Pro 10? Looks good doesn’t it but did you notice the low price of $299 dollars from the Mac App Store?

Now this got me thinking about the next Logic… I wonder if we will be looking at the same method of distribution? Some of you will still be haunted by the DVD installation of your existing version so you’d be right in baulking at the prospect of a 50gb or so download.

I reckon it won’t be as bad as you think. Anyone tried Garageband Lessons? We’re talking in app downloads of additional content, something that could suit Logic X. I mean, how many times are you gonna use the Tibetan Bowls in the factory library?!

All I know is that once that app is available from the app store there will be mighty stampede of Logix X ‘whats new’ tutorials bombarding YouTube. I wonder who will be first!