How about we stop using the word FREE?

I’ve just been in a discussion on twitter and reckon it’s probably about time we all stopped and considered what’s happening.  I see lots of producers using the word FREE when giving away tracks.  I’ve come to the conclusion that In my mind this is devaluing music.  The whole point is promotional surely?  so can we please all start letting the public know these are ‘promotional downloads’ not FREE.  The word FREE is way too powerful – I think it’s fair to say the over usage is changing the public consciousness and getting people to ‘expect’ content for free.

Whilst we are at it how about we form some definitions?  How about if you give away a track as a ‘promotional download’ you restrict the bitrate to 128kbps maximum.  This will serve the promotional purpose and encourage DJs (who surely are the only remaining customers when it comes to underground music) to buy the full resolution file (or at least a 320kbps mp3) to play in the club.  We should let the people know this is a LOW QUALITY version of the track.  This is what they should expect to get without paying – it’s a promotional download.

Any more suggestions welcome.. if you fancy supporting the cause please tweet with the hashtag #stopusingthewordfree