Collaborative Learning – Get Involved

In all my years working at Point Blank the most rapid improvement i’ve seen from students has been been through the weekly DVR sessions. To see someone working on your project, offering advice and adjusting parameters infront of your eyes is a great way to learn.

So i’ve had an idea, how about a new concept where you and I collaborate on a track for release. We discuss the idea in advance and work out where it should go musically and whether or not it will be feasible and then over a series of four weeks we collaborate on this track remotely. I screencast everything I do my side, so you get to see what I work on. This means that as well as getting my expertise and compositional assistance you learn at the same time from the video I send you. I’ll work out a reasonable fee but I will ask that you agree to give me a cut of the writing and I get credits on the release when it comes out.

If you are interested please get in touch here, i’ll get back to you to discuss things further.