A case for Defecting?

Yep, that Atari logo was a major symbol of my youth. In the early years it represented cutting edge electronic entertainment in the seedy world of the local arcades before moving on to… Continue reading

The Intel Mac Pros are HERE!

So finally they arrive, and in a pretty staggering configuration – two Intel Xeon Dual Cores up to 3gHz. The performance of these machines on paper is HEAVY, it’s going to be hard… Continue reading

Amen Break History Video

I posted this on my old blog but this is worth a re-print. It’s a video i found all about the Amen Break, that wicked energetic break you hear deconstructed and reconstructed on… Continue reading

Free Kontakt Instrument Downloads from Sonic Couture

Grab yourselves a free TB303, TR808 and TR909 with the Acid Pack or how about the multi-sampled Thumb Piano Mbira from sound renowned designers Sonic Couture These guys are behind the Kontakt 2.1… Continue reading

Kontakt 2.1.1’s New Performance View

So here’s something new that’s cool with, you can now edit the appearance of Kontakt 2’s Instruments in the Performance View. I’ve uploaded a simple example to demonstrate how it’s done here:… Continue reading

Kontakt 2 – The King of Samplers

I’ve used a lot of Samplers in my time but never have I come across a Sampler as powerful and creative as Native Instrument’s Kontakt 2. This mighty and complex beast enables you… Continue reading

Ducking in Reason

One of the things that’s great about Reason is the fact that it’s very easy to get an authentic Ducking vibe. So what’s ducking? Ever listened to a radio broadcast and noticed that… Continue reading

Analog Factory lookin’ HOT!

I love the Arturia Minimoog V for that ‘as close as you can currently get’ vintage analog synth shizz and have enjoyed playing about with the Moog Modular and CS80V emulations so it… Continue reading

Encoding Low Quality Mp3s

These days sites like Myspace and similar are using low quality mp3 (that’s below 128kbps) for artists to preview their tracks. When you compress to these lower bitrates the chances are that you’ll… Continue reading

Reason Combinator – Killa Drumz

Ok so here’s another Combinator to download, perfect for some heavy drums action. This is a Re-Drum with individual outputs routed via their own MClass EQ’s to a Mixer giving precise tonal control… Continue reading