Reason Combinator – Dub Delay

So this week we enter Week 2 of Reason where we’ll be looking at the Combinator in more detail. Here’s a Combined version of last week’s ‘Dub’ Delay with Filter Frequency, Resonance and… Continue reading

Remix Bugz In the Attic

These remix comps seem to be all the rage at the moment, here’s another.. Bugz in the Attic’s wicked new single ‘Move Aside’ is yours for remixing if you head on over to… Continue reading

Remix X-press 2

In what might just be the music marketing trick of the year, the X-Press 2 boys Ashley Beedle, Rocky and Diesel have come up with a unique angle on the old ‘remix my… Continue reading

Music Tech Magazine ‘Art of Mastering’ Article

This is a little old but it’s worth putting up so that some of you can get hold of it if you want to. You can buy (don’t worry it’s cheap and no… Continue reading

Regular Feature in SouledUp

As from this month I’ll be contributing a regular Music Production tips column in the online Soulful House magazine Souled Up These tips will be specifically guided for that genre of music so… Continue reading

First Post

So this is my new Music Production Techniques blog to help both current/ex students on my course at pointblank and those of you who randomly or deliberately stumble upon it. The whole point… Continue reading