How about we stop using the word FREE?

I’ve just been in a discussion on twitter and reckon it’s probably about time we all stopped and considered what’s happening.  I see lots of producers using the word FREE when giving away… Continue reading

Redlight/Stratosphere Remixed and Remastered

Yes finally my double a-sider is back, remastered and remixed for 2011.. It’s a Juno Download exclusive at the moment so get in there early before it’s everywhere else.

Logic 10 – from the Mac App Store?

How many of you have seen the recent video highlighting the brand new Final Cut Pro 10? Looks good doesn’t it but did you notice the low price of $299 dollars from the… Continue reading

Exclusive previews of the new Ableton Live Mixing Course

The Ableton Live Mixing course I have developed for Point Blank Online is being previewed exclusively right now on Computer Music Magazine’s website.  The first video features the usage of the Ping Pong… Continue reading

Ashley Beedle Livestream Masterclass next week

Ashley Beedle is a bit of a legend.  He is of course a gentleman of distinction amongst the UK’s Dance Music fraternity, known for many quality releases and DJ sets but not only… Continue reading

Mixing Dance Music In Ableton

For the last few weeks i’ve been working on a new course in Mixing on Ableton.  It’s pretty much the same template as the existing Logic course but tailored to the ‘uniqueness’ of… Continue reading

Fancy the look of NI’s Razor?

It’s looking hot and it’s an additive synth so I took some time out from my usual work on friday at Point Blank to put together a quick video on the subject featuring… Continue reading

Apple’s Games Console

It’s not strictly music production but Apple TV just got a whole lot more interesting and appealing with this new iOS4.3 update out today.  With the new Airplay enhancements content can be wirelessly… Continue reading

A glimpse of the plugin future?

So the cat’s out of the bag – ipad 2 is out there and under scrutiny.  Sure it looks lovely and all that (of course I want one) but I feel something more… Continue reading

How (not) to make a Sample CD

After a discussion with colleagues and twitter followers it has now occurred to me that some people might be taking a couple of shortcuts to getting their sample libraries finished.  I thought i’d… Continue reading