The Enzyme Black Synth

Anyone who took my Sound Design Class will recognize bits of this one.  It’s my 6 Osc Reaktor synth with special deep house flavoured snapshots.  It’s particularly good for stabs and pads.  See… Continue reading

‘Mystic’ Chord Progressions

Anyone who knows me well musically knows that chords are usually the first thing to ‘grab’ me when I listen to music.  I swear that certain chord progressions are mystic, unlocking dormant brain… Continue reading

Livestream ‘Groove Clinic’ archived video

If you missed the live session I did for the other night you can watch it all in the player below. Watch live streaming video from pointblankonline at

Danny J Lewis remix – Heathen Burial by Of Norway

This one’s now up on Traxsource.  It’s a techy, afro and world influenced big room banger!

Halion Sonic – Flexphrase Overview Video

What a wicked function for non musicians. You can buy this here from Amazon –

The Ladder – advice for aspiring DJ/Producers

Something i talked about over the years in my lectures is a concept called ‘The Ladder’ I have used this to illustrate the heirarchy of success in the business and how those who… Continue reading

Updated Logic Chord and Arp Template for students

If you are/were a Deep and Soulful House student of mine then check out the new template in Lesson 3. Here’s a video with the full lowdown:

Making ‘sampled’ sounding Deep House

I’ve noticed more of my students asking about the sounds of people like Motor City Drum Ensemble and Moodymann.. rougher, less polished and ‘sampled’ sounding productions – often at a slower tempo. Here’s… Continue reading

X-Factor 2010 using Autotune on auditions

Last night i caught the first episode of the X-Factor 2010 auditions and was pretty damn shocked to hear autotune being used on several occasions for the auditions.  ITV/Syco is earning a fortune… Continue reading

Deep House vibes with the Garage Band Instrument ‘Digital Basic’