Logic Shortcut – Arrange Window Zooming


Cubase 5.5 – Beat Designer Pattern Switching

Cubase 5.5 rocks!

The new update finally makes Cubase feel like a proper Mac app.. congrats to Steinberg – it’s a big step in the right direction.  I’ve not had time to explore all of the… Continue reading

Things Change, that’s the only constant..

A new track is up on soundcloud.  An evolving phased pad and intense rising synth riff with subtle nods to Pat Metheny/Joe Zawinul are the foundation of this futuristic but afro-centric instrumental. A… Continue reading

Behind the scenes – Oh My Daze

Funnily enough this track came about due to a personal Logic backlash.  I’d just finished developing the Deep and Soulful House course in Logic and pretty much given away all of my production… Continue reading

The name of the game

With the proliferation of new music producers and the ease of releasing music these days comes a new problem that before now hasn’t surfaced as regularly.  The mechanism for release used to involve… Continue reading

What course do you want to see?

On the http://www.pointblankonline.net site you’ll see a new dropdown selector with a batch of fresh new genres being considered for the next wave of Pro Producer Online Courses. Let us know which you’d… Continue reading

Deep & Soulful House Podcast

Some of the students on the Deep/Soulful House courses are making some seriously good tunes.  I’ve been gathering the best of the bunch and putting them into podcasts and the second one is… Continue reading

The Universal Life Orchestra ft. Ruthie G ‘When I’m Gone’

My new project is on sale next monday 1st June.  Check out the preview here on soundcloud.com

Want to make Deep/Soulful House on Logic?

There’s a brand new video up on the pointblank online website and youtube featuring a behind the scenes look at some of the videos on the course.  This course features downloadable projects and… Continue reading